The financial abundance formula
is the key to success.

Do we need a financial abundance formula to succeed? I strongly agree that we need the formula to guide us in times of doubt. It is easily expressed in this way: earnings – savings = expenses.

This principle will help increase the percentage of success if we follow it correctly. We can control our lifestyle if we follow this formula. In the meantime, let us be happy within our means.

If we tend to go beyond our means then increase the income steam. How? If you are employed, look for another source of income. Be self-employed or have a business to increase earnings.

income savings

We can start small then sooner it will be huge. Allot a portion of your savings because you can use the money for investment and business in which can strengthen our passive income stream.

Remember, there are two kinds of income: active and passive. In active income, you work then earn. If you do not work then probably you will not earn but in the passive income, you can earn without working. That is our main goal.

We need to build our passive income stream and follow the financial abundance formula. You’re saving for your future needs. Remember, whether we like it or not, we will retire.

It would be great to have a sufficient amount of passive income in which will sustain our lifestyle. Retire young and rich to enjoy life to the fullest. Set a goal for your retirement age.

It is not necessary at age 60 or 65. If we can do it earlier then go for it. While you have the time to earn good money, grab the opportunity. You can witness success stories in your vicinity wherein some can retire at age 35, 40 or maybe younger.

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We only have one shot in this world, make it the best. Start saving for your passive income then we will pamper ourselves at the right time.

When do you plan to start saving? When there is no more opportunity because of old age? While young, grab the opportunity to make a living with your passion. You will not notice the hardships of the journey when you enjoy it. That is the reason behind to make a living with our passion. If we love what we do then we are having fun in every step.

Do it now and succeed. If it is late for you, still, it is better than late than never. Decrease those unnecessary expenses and place it in a basket that can give you more. Believe in the process.

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Formula to freedom is building passive income streams and diversify. Passive income means earning without working. Yes, it is possible to earn while sleeping. Business and investment are good example of passive income. Again, formula to freedom: passive income.

Financial Abundance Formula: increase cash flow and beat inflation rate. The economy is always in an upward trend. We need to cope-up with the pacing of moving forward. The formula to abundance is to increase our income capacity.

Formula to prosperity: Eliminate and avoid debt. Stop using future income. If we tend to borrow money, we are likely using our future income. How sure you are that future income is always present? The formula to prosperity is eliminating debt in the system.  


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