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The financial freedom formula is simply illustrated that whatever you earn from your employment job or business is you deduct a portion for savings immediately. You decide on what percentage that you will save from your monthly earnings.

The higher the percentage of savings will be much better for you and soon will achieve your financial freedom. There is a typical notion that when you get your paycheck, deduct right away your expenses.

What are your expenses? Maybe electricity bill, mortgage, phone bill, grocery, education and more; if you keenly analyze your expenses, you might be amazed that some of those are not necessarily needed.

money bag

When the paycheck comes, then place a portion immediately for your savings. You will be amazed that your lifestyle will be controlled because you now budget the rest of your earnings for the expenses. Prioritize your expenses.

Income - Savings = expenses

If you have the anxiety that you still want those expenses but the income is not sufficient, relax and breathe. Overcome your stress management. In the meantime, we are starting our road to financial freedom formula and we need to cut those unnecessary expenses.

Think like a millionaire mind. We pay for now then play later. Which do you prefer? Splurge everything you have in your portfolio now? Then when time goes by that earning money is challenging for you, there will be shortage of where you will get money for your expenses. Grab the opportunity now that you can earn good money then save it for your future needs.

high income portfolio

If still you cannot save because you have high expenses, then cut those unnecessary expenses and increase your income capacity.

When you increase your income stream, you can save more and you can achieve your goals faster. The financial freedom formula is all about saving money from your hard works in your employment job or business. We must save the sufficient amount of money for our desired lifestyle.

Imagine this, if you have a huge amount of money, put that into a portfolio that earn interest, then now we can play. You can now splurge for your unnecessary expenses because the money you saved is now earning and working for you. You can now spend but still your money is intact because you’re only spending the interest on it. We call that passive income. You earn while you sleep. Still, it would be a good practice to keep a portion for savings from your passive income.

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The Way to Abundance is right in front of you. Be keen observant on opportunities.
Good learning attitude will contribute your way to abundance. Keep learning about things that will help you get rich. Provide yourself with the appropriate skills to be successful.

Embed the Millionaire Mind in ourselves to achieve our Dreams and Ambitions.
A millionaire mind will show you to earn big money while sleeping. Let the money work for us. Develop your passive income to sustain the lifestyle that you have been dreaming.

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